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Contemporary Texas Art

Together for the View

contemporary texas painting

Hallowed Ground

Rachel Dory Texas Artist

The Conversation

Turner Oak Fort Worth TX

In the Shade of the Great Oak

Rachel Dory Texas Bear Creek Painting

Texas Reflections

Outer Limits

Texas Artist

Long Distance

Like Mother Like Daughter

Dream Horse

Texas Artist Rachel Dory

Organized Chaos

Texas Fine Art

Flying Buttress

Texas Artist Painting

Follow the Leader

Texas Fine Artist

Perfectly Still

Texas fine art Haflinger Horse

The Haflinger


Daybreak Star

Texas artist rachel dory

Motel Dust

Just Like Grandpa

The Big Lean

Fence Study

Texas Artist Painting

Line Dance


Texas Artist Rachel Dory

A Few More Miles


Snow Fences

Congress Boot


On the Level

Holy Cows

Hill Country Trees

Door to the World

texas artist rachel dory horses

Mountain Run

October Windmill

Memories of Jersey

Spring Storm Farm

Music in the Fields

The Smallest Church in the World

Fence Study II

Fence Rhythms

Texas Danube

There’s the Sea

Texas Rain Flowers

Night Palace

Shaken Not Stirred

Top of the Feed Shed

Waiting for My Love

The Gate to Everywhere

Blue Station


Pole Study

Yellow Hydrant

Caffe Fiore


Dusk Fence

Hello Fremont


Little Grass Boy

The Truck

Spring Drive

September Windmill

Red Tractor

No U-Turn

Night Grass

Hayfield Night

Hay at 90 mph

Ghost Barns

Fall Farm

Road Closed

Red Barn and Rain

Caffe Ladro

Boat Street Cafe

Barrels in a Hayfield

project excerpt


Motel Grand

Fremont in Fall

Horizon Study IV

Horizon Study III

Horizon Study II

Horizon Study I

Two with a Silo

Blue Bonnet Study

My Two Girls (Study)

Pink Elephant

October Windmill

Motel California

House in the Hay

Gulf Gulls

Four Birds Purple Sky

Dusty Windmill

Dusk Cow

Cows in a Texas Field

August Windmill



Fremont Bridge

Denny Way